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Travel Savvy loves road trips! Whether we're cruising off to the beach in an instagram-worthy convertible or driving to cities that are a hop and skip away from NYC, our staff is certainly accustomed to sitting in a metal box moving at 65mph for hours on end. Does it get a little tedious? Of course, but that's why we download these mobile apps before we hit the road! 

Some of these mobile apps will make navigating on your road trip easier, while others will save you some serious time and cash. But most importantly, don't forget to watch until the end to discover our favorite ways to pass the time while on the open road!

  • TravelMath is an online calculator that helps make sure you're traveling in the most efficient way. It calculates everything from total travel cost, miles, and time for your trip. You can compare driving and flying side-by-side, so you can be sure a road trip is the best way to get from Point A to Point B. 
  • Waze is a free-to-download, community-driven social traffic app that accurately calculates the fastest or shortest route to your destination, thanks to the immmense amount of data the app collects from user's trips. The app will also help you find the cheapest gas stations along the way, and spare you the headache of traffic jams, police activity and road accidents more accurately than your run-of-the-mill GPS. 
  • What's the point of traveling to your destination in the privacy of your own vehicle if you can't sing Michael Jackson at the top of your lungs? Whether you want to keep the kids entertained in the backseat or jam out with your friends, the Karaoke Anywhere app lets passengers play any tune in the database. Free to download and try out, this app does require a monthly fee to unlock the "PLUS Platinum" 10,000+ songs in the database. (If you love Drake as much as we do, it's well worth the $9.99!) 

  • With all the country-wide debates taking place in this country, we can all agree on one thing: finding parking in an unfamiliar city is just the worst. If you don't want to spend half of your trip driving in circles looking for an open spot, download SpotHero. This handy app allows users to reserve and pre-pay for a parking spot of your choice in more than 2,500 parking garages and lots in major cities across the U.S. (yes, even in NYC!) 

  • Similar to SpotHero, the free-to-use Best Parking app shows users the cheapest and most convenient parking options through the interactive map. Now servicing over 105 cities throughout North America. You can even compare prices, helping some reviewers saving not tens, but hundreds of dollars, freeing up your budget for more fun throughout your destination! 

  • When road trips last more than a few hours and you're beginning to feel #hangry, nothing feels worse than admiting defeat and pulling up to the nearest fast food franchise off the highway. Instead, be sure to browse the website Roadfood, which compiles the best places to eat throughout the U.S., from small towns to big cities. Created by Jane and Michael Stern, these founders have a combined century of experience tasting bites from sea to shining sea. The aptly-titled site even allows you to search by city or state; of course, we recommend scrolling through one of their featured "best of" lists for a little inspiration. 

Hungry for more apps? First, check out our comprehensive list of the best mobile apps for road trips. Then, whether you're a single traveler looking for love on the road, an iphone-photographer hoping to share vacation photos with your friends and family, or just searching for the best all-around travel apps that can do it all, Travel Savvy has you covered! 

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