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Best Apps for Road Trips

By Travel Savvy

As the profound artist Drake once said, "Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination." Well, let's assume Drake was talking about taking that journey via road trip. Road trips are a great way to bond with friends and make memories as you embark on a journey to somewhere new. Download these seven essential mobile apps to make sure your trip doesn't hit any bumps in the road. 

TravelMath 1


TravelMath is an online calculator that helps make sure you're traveling in the most efficient way. It calculates everything from total travel cost, miles, and time for your trip. You can compare driving and flying side-by-side, so you can be sure a road trip is the best way to get from Point A to Point B. 

Waze 2

Photo Credit: @waze


The social traffic app, Waze, can accurately give you the fastest or shortest route to your destination. It collects data for every road driven while the app is open. It learns the routes that users prefer to take for frequent destinations, and finds the cheapest gas stations along the way. Users can even see live updates of traffic jams, police activity, and accidents. 

Karaoke Anywhere 3

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Karaoke Anywhere

Keep the kids entertained in the backseat with Karaoke Anywhere. It's an app that lets your passengers play any tune in the database while singing along. While it is free to download, it requires a monthly fee to unlock the 10,000+ songs. If it'll keep the kids from constantly asking if you're there yet, it might just be worth it. 

SpotHero 4

Photo Credit: @spothero


One of the few downsides of a road trip is the constant search for parking. Eliminate it with SpotHero, an app that enables you to reserve and pre-pay for a spot in your choice of more than 2,500 parking garages and lots in major cities around the US. 

BestParking 5

Photo Credit: BestParking iTunes


Another great app for parking is BestParking. It steers drivers toward the cheapest and most convenient parking in more than 105 cities throughout North America. 

Along the Way 6

Photo Credit: Along the Way

Along the Way

Finding food on the road can be tricky. The iPhone app Along the Way maps your route and finds restaurants along it, so you don't even need to get off a highway. 

Hotel Tonight 7

Photo Credit: @hoteltonight

Hotel Tonight

Did you have too much fun on the road trip and go further than you meant to, passing your hotel destination for the night? Have no fear, thanks to Hotel Tonight. Find great hotels with amazing last-minute deals. Use the mobile app to book from wherever and find the perfect place to rest your head. 


SpotHero Facebook Cover Photo 8

Photo Credit: SpotHero Facebook

The Lowdown on Road Trips...

Hungry for more apps? Whether you're looking to find love on the road, share vacation photos with your network, or just searching for the best all-around travel apps that can do it all, Travel Savvy is one step ahead! 


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