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With Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, technology has offered travelers a new and instantaneous way to share vacations with your friends at home. But what about the technologically-challenged?

On this week's We Hear, we've rounded up three free mobile apps that allow you to share your photos via good, old-fashioned snail mail! 

  • Who doesn't love getting a postcard in the mail? We love the app Postagram, which allows you to send any photo in your camera roll to loved ones in the U.S., Canada, and Europe -- all in the form of a postcard! 
  • Kick your snail mail game into high gear with the app 20Stamps, which allows you to crop, edit, and add filters to your photos before transforming them into a roll of stamps! 
  • Whether you're searching for the perfect touches on your scrapbook or just want to surprise your loved ones, the app Printic creates Polaroid-inspired prints of any photo from your camera roll or Instagram and Facebook feed. Printic will then send out your photos, complete with personalized messages, to your loved ones in their signature orange envelope. 

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