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Over the past three decades, the population of Chandler, Arizona has nearly tripled in size and shows no signs of slowing down.

Travel Savvy host Paula Keung recently traveled to this Sonoran city to check out the local sights, things to do, and taste what this growing metropolis has to offer.

On today’s episode of The Lowdown, Paula sits down with Julia Peters, the owner of Peixoto Coffee.

Born and raised in Brazil to a close-knit family of coffee growers, Julia never dreamed she’d eventually become a coffee entrepreneur. Her education and work life led her to the Chandler-area, and she fell in love with the supportive, close-knit community. As she explains in the video, “Chandler is a very vibrant city. It’s a small town with a big-city feel.”

Then one day, the idea lightning bolt hit, and Peixoto Coffee was born. Today, Julia imports her family’s coffee beans to Chandler and expertly roasts each bean to create a taste experience that locals are falling in love one cup at a time.

  • As a local, Julia also led us to other independently-operated businesses that also thrive in Chandler. Elmer's Tacos offers what Julia calls “the best tacos in the Phoenix metro area.” (Once we heard such praise from a local, we were sold!)
  • For a more upscale dining experience, The Brickyard Downtown offers small plates and cocktails, and believes sharing is a part of a quality dining experience.
  • Tucked away underneath a local historic hotel, The Ostrich offers "cocktails and more" in a industrial chic lounge that make patrons feel like they're in New York City, not in the Arizona desert! Fun fact: incidentally, the area of Chandler was once well-known for the many ostrich farms that operated during the early 20th Century. Hence, you’ll see ostrich references throughout the city.
  • To relax, Julia Peters heads over to Vibetality Yoga that offers a wide range of classes normally reserved for big-city studios. (Tip: If you’re only in town for the weekend, we recommend trying one of their high-tech sensory deprivation floatation tanks, which allow you to kick back, relax, and rejuvenate by thinking about absolutely nothing!)
  • Locals love to troll the aisles at Merchant Square Antiques Marketplace, which is the perfect place for Arizona visitors to snag one-of-a-kind gifts for their friends and family back home. Tip: Check out the on-site casual eatery, American Way Market, that bakes some of the best homemade sourdough bread in town. Paula loved the tri-tip sandwich!)

Whether you're interested in the booming economy, culturally diverse cuisines, outdoor activities, or just a good cup of coffee, Chandler, Arizona won't let you down.

Head to VisitChandler.com to plan your trip, and check back soon for more Travel Savvy coverage of this burgeoning city.

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