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Vivek George, the founder of “Salt,” a smartphone application that helps you choose places to eat and drink, recommends his favorite pizzeria locations in New York City.

  • GG’s NYC, in New York's East Village, is a well-rounded neighborhood restaurant serving up a blend of American and contemporary dishes. Here, try anything from oven roasted swordfish puttanesca to a downright delicious Grandma Pizza Pie (aptly labeled “The O.G.” in parentheses on their menus) and you’ll be asking for a second slice in no time.

  • Located in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, EMILY restaurant and pizzeria strives to create a homely dining experience. Although this cozy restaurant is famous for their pizza and burgers, everything on Emily’s menu is quite delicious and thoroughly satisfying.

  • Savor various pizza selections with a plethora of toppings to choose from, all at Posto’s Thin Crust Pizza. This New York Italian cuisine staple is a great spot to kick back, relax and have delicious flavorful pizza.

  • Another spot in Brooklyn is Franny’s. It is the perfect casual dining spot where one can enjoy a tasty and healthy array of options on the menu. Whether on a date or with friends, anyone can enjoy Franny’s delicious slices and a relaxed, “chill” atmosphere.

  • Lucali is a great date spot with dim lighting and a relaxing vibe one can enjoy the various delicious items on Lucali’s menu. It’s also BYOB-friendly, so go ahead and bring your favorite bottle before hitting the town.

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