Craving Curry? Try These NYC Indian Spots

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While we love Manhattan's Curry Row on East Sixth St, we are always on the hunt for the best Indian food New York City has to offer. 

Vivek George, co-founder of the mobile restaurant bookmarking app Salt, discusses his favorite Indian eateries in the Big Apple. 

  • Located in Queens, Ganesh Temple Canteen invites you to dine in an actual temple, originally built to prepare 'naivedyam' (food offering) for Hindu deities. From their donut-shaped deep-fried vada to mysore masala with red chutney, the Temple Canteen menu offers flavorful gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes to fit any diet. 

  • Looking to ease a friend into the world of traditional Indian cuisine? Make a reservation at the Tamarind Tribeca, where your date can play-it-safe with chicken tikka masala while you enjoy a traditional punjabi mutton. Alternatively, head to their new Lotus Room, where you can grab a quick lunch or afternoon tea. 

  • Searching for the perfect masala dosas? Look no further than Saravana Bhavan, located in Manhattan's Murray (read: Curry) Hill. Lovers of traditional Indian cuisine will appreciate their wide thali platter selection, while visitors can stop in and recharge with their mango lassi and mini ghee idlis appetizers.

  • At the Kati Roll Company, the best of North and South Indian cuisine combine to create the ultimate Indian-on-the-go menu. From vegetarian aloo masala to halal unda chicken, the Kati Roll's menu invites you to wash your meal down with their masala chai latte or affordable signature lager. 

  • If you do want to head over to New York's version of London's Brick Land, then head over to East 6th Street for Malai Marke (translated: with cream). This small, but stylish eatery focuses on the lesser know Indian regions of Chettinad, Gujarat, Konkan and Malabar. If you prefer dishes on the less fiery and spicy side, then their chicken xacuti and fish moilee will satisfy.

  • The dishes and decor at Junoon are for those seeking something more modern. When you're starting your night off with a Tandoori Tequila or Sparkling Saffron Wine cocktail, you know you're in for a great culinary experience. Book during NYC Restaurant Week for some one-of-a-kind dishes at a wallet-friendly price.

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