Food Baby NY's Favorite Donut Shops

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Alexandra and Mike Chau, the mom and dad behind the adorable Instagram posts of @foodbabyny, share their favorite donut locations in New York. From crullers and cake to raised and ridiculous, this munchkin knows his sweets!

Check out this food baby's favorite donut's in NYC here.

  • Every week, Queens Comfort creates a delicious array of constantly rotating donuts. Fans line up for their popular treats such as cinnamon toast crunch and rice crispy donuts.

  • While cruising along the West Side Highway, you'll come across Underwest Donuts, a car wash that nests a delicious secret donut shop. Whether it's sugared, glazed or old fashioned, this rest stop satisfies cravings while your car undergoes pampering.

  • For the best donuts in Brooklyn, you must check out Dough in Bed-Stuy. Their original location (also located in the Flatiron district) always has an array of fresh donuts that will make your mind and stomach go nuts. They are famous for their super-indulgent sea salt chocolate caramel donut. Make sure to snag extra napkins.

  • You can expect a long line at Doughnut Plant's original location and main baking facility on Grand St. on the Lower East Side. We can't blame people for wanting to get their hand's on a fresh tres leches, carrot cake or peanut butty & jelly doughnut. Those who can't wait can visit their other locations in the city or fly to Japan to taste their unique concocotions. 

  • Elsie's Parlor in Prospect Heights was both a donut shop and ice cream parlor, but has since permanently closed. Check out the Chau's other amazing picks, linked above! 

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