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Summer Travel Savings? There's An App For That!

By Travel Savvy

We love social media, but sometimes scrolling through our summer Instagram feed gives us a big case of FOMO. How many tropical pictures can we see before dropping everything and hopping on the next beach-bound flight?

According to an article on Yahoo Finance, 1 in 5 Americans go into debt due to summer vacationing. Don't give up your dreams of summer travel just are five money-saving travel tips and apps that will keep your wallet happy.


Road Trip 1

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Did Someone Say Road Trip?

Greatest Drive

Free, iOS & Android

If the cost of air travel has become a barrier to that memorial summer vacay, consider a road trip. With the app Greatest Drive, car enthusiasts can choose the best routes to their destination, whether you're looking for the most scenic route, the shortest drive, etc. Use the app to develop an itinerary along the way for sightseeing, or use the dining interface that gives suggestions via Yelp.

If you’re into off-beat, quirky attractions, also check out iPhone app Roadside America.

Cool Cousin 2

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Localize It!

Cool Cousin

Free, iOS

Being a tourist means that sometimes you get roped into doing stuff that locals stay away from--aka the dreaded 'tourist traps'--which also means that you often end up spending more money for a lesser experience. The new iOS app, Cool Cousin, connects you to locals who share your interests so you can get the inside scoop on the best things to do around town. Your new 'cousin' can provide you with some cool ideas based on your shared passions. You can even message your “cousin” on the app and ask questions.

Kayak 3

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Package Up Those Deals!


Free, iOS & Android

There is a reason why everyone who loves travel knows about the website Kayak. Users love everything from the easy interface to the price alerts and real-time flight tracker options. The corresponding app, winner of 10 Webby Awards, is available for iPhone and Android. Why take the time to look up deals on endless travel sites if an app can do it for you? Once you’ve booked, keep track of your itinerary, flight, hotel, etc. right on your phone or Apple Watch. 

Flight 4

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Be Flight Savvy


Free, iOS & Android

Of all the travel apps out there, Skyscanner continues to top almost every list. It's a great way to keep track of flights and finds the cheapest seats and dates for your trip. Armchair travelers take note--the app will access your recent search history and come up with inspiration for you. The app will provide price alerts, travel tips and even sync hotel and car rentals. 5

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Compare Hotels

Free, iOS & Android has built a reputation for finding great hotel deals, especially last minute. They boast over one million properties to choose from worldwide, and users report the super easy and lenient cancellation process. Since the interface saves your information and preferences for future searches, you'll be able to log on and breeze through your search after just one use.




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