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In New York, pizza is a competition, and every place claims to be "the first" or "the best." New Yorker and Musician Jesse Malin loves pizza so much that he describes it as his "electric chair meal!"

Find out from Jesse, a lifelong New Yorker, where to go for the actual best pizza in NYC.

  • For a slice, Jesse says go to Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street. "I think it's consistency of the dough and the crust. I think there's a sweetness and a little bit of a saltiness in Joe's."

  • If you prefer to sit down for a pie, go to John's Pizzeria on Bleeker Street. It's a real New York classic. They even have a Woody Allen room with an axe from the movie Broadway Danny Rose hanging on the wall. 

  • Stromboli Pizza is on St. Marks in New York's East Village. The sauce is sweet and the pizza is delicious.

  • For dessert, you need to go to Veniero's on 11th Street in the East Village. It's a New York tradition. They have been making Italian pastries in New York since 1894.

Before or after your pizza and dessert, grab a drink in one of the best bars in the East Village

Jesse's band D Generation has a new album out. It's called Nothing is Anywhere and it's available on itunes

Check out Jesse’s tour dates. He usually sticks around after the show, so say "hi" and let him know where to get the best pizza in your city. 

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