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We met Chef Scott Conant at his new restaurant, the Impero Caffè at the INNSIDE Hotel in Chelsea, to talk about his love affair with NYC, why he’s moving to Arizona and his favorite places to eat with his kids.

Thanks to his roles as a long-standing judge on Food Network’s Chopped and a successful restaurateur, Conant has earned a reputation as a decisive, quick-witted red-onion-hater of a chef with an Italian flair.

But when he’s not berading Chopped contestants for their use of raw bulbous vegetables or busy working on his next great Italian pasta, you can find Conant hanging out with his two daughters, ages four and six. On this episode of The Lowdown, our host Paula Keung explores the family-man side of one of the today’s top chefs.

Below, enjoy Chef Scott Conant’s favorite recommendations for family-friendly restaurants in New York City.

  • Hill Country Barbecue Market: Both Conant and his eldest daughter can’t get enough of Hill Country’s addicting ribs. Another factor that makes this spot one of Conant’s favorites: the live music. Come back on the weekends to enjoy a healthy dose of Americana songs, Texas-style brisket, and all-you-can-eat specials to please anyone in the family.
  • Red RoosterWhere does a celebrity chef brunch in a city that considers #brunching a sport in a league of its own? Between the lively environment and the kid-friendly cornbread, Red Rooster in Harlem is Scott’s No.1 NYC brunch pick. Set on a mission to “celebrate the roots of American cuisine,” Red Rooster’s extensive menu will please even the pickiest of eaters.
  • L’Amico:  Set in the modern rustic Eventi Hotel, celebrated Chef Laurent Tourondel new Italian restaurant serves top-notch quality food that Conant claims is still appropriate for the little ones. “When you have kids,” Conant says in the video above, “you don’t want anything that is going to be too pretentious or precious, and L’Amico is the perfect place for children.” Plus, they serve pizza. Sounds like a winner to us!

Still, nothing compares to Scott’s own cooking. When Travel Savvy staffers stole a quick bite of the scrumptious pasta dish Conant and our host cooked up in the clip above, it was quite the emotional experience (at least for our tastebuds.) Before you go, watch the video above to learn why Scott's moving to Arizona, and why he calls NYC “a girlfriend that just won’t love you back!”

Looking for more things to do in NYC with kids? Travel Savvy has you covered, so be sure to check out Real Housewives’ Kristen Taekman’s top family-friendly activities, as well as our other favorite Italian restaurants in downtown Manhattan that will have you eating pasta all month long!


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