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What's better than drinking with friends? Brunching with them again the morning after! Any savvy, local New Yorker knows this city doesn't take brunch lightly. In the Big Apple, we swap the pancakes for perogies, cereal for avocado toast, and bloody marys for blushing morning mimosas.

Today, we're exploring the best brunch restaurants in Manhattan, as recommended by Instagram-famous world traveler and foodie Jackie Gebel of @NoLeftovers_.

Grab a table on the sidewalk and order up a cocktail, because it's time to dig in! 

  • Designed to give guests a homey, country-house feel, Hundred Acres cultivates a cozy ambiance and a fantastic selection of farm-to-table, Mediterranean dishes. Plus, if you've hit up one-too-many bars the night before, you're in luck! Menu options like the bacon, egg & cheese on a sesame seed roll or the kale salad will fill you up without tying you down. We recommend the ricotta fritters or cinnamon rolls for the table. Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja updates the menu based on seasonal trends. 

  • Looking for a place to eat brunch with outdoor seating? Cookshop, Jackie's go-to warm-weather restaurant, has made a name for itself as NYC's premier brunch hotspot, thanks to its close proximity to the High Line. After trying Jackie's favorite Israeli egg quinoa bowl, we recommend that you take a stroll along the famous Manhattan "floating park" to complete the perfect lazy weekend afternoon.

  • Want to show off a hidden gem to your friends? Look no further than El Rey, a restaurant that feels more like a Southern California café than a Lower East Side hotspot. Downtown Manhattan locals love their baked goods, and El Rey's most popular brunch bites include sweet potato pecan bread and fresh avocado del sur. Don't forget to peruse their wine list, which includes some delectable rosè options that will please everyone in your group. 

Don't forget to check out @NoLeftovers_ on Instagram for more mouth-watering brunch dishes in your daily feed!

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