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Midtown Bagels: Our Picks

By Travel Savvy

New York locals have a few culinary treats that are loved across the board: pizza, black-and-white cookies, and bagels. It’s the last one that we’re in love with the most--round circles of yumminess with a chewy exterior and a soft and flavorful interior. Nothing says “Big Apple” than a fluffy, satisfying bagel, and let’s face it… NYC should really be called the “Big Bagel” since it’s such a popular food item in these parts.

For this list, we’re sticking to the most popular Manhattan neighborhood--midtown. Check out our list of NewYorkCityTourist’s favorite bagel shops in Midtown for a bagel experience you won’t regret.

Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish 1

Photo Credit: Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish

Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish

Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish

370 Lexington Ave, Corner of 41st
(212) 661-1080
Monday-Friday 6:30AM-7PM, Saturday-Sunday 7:30AM-4PM

Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish easily makes some of the best bagels in all of New York City. Since Zucker’s is centrally located just two blocks from Grand Central, commuters have been flocking to this location since 2013 for a to-go breakfast at the start of a busy work day. Try a classic menu item: the ‘everything’ bagel with lox spread paired with a large iced coffee. If you’re downtown, pop by the Tribeca location.


Best Bagel and Coffee 2

Photo Credit: Yelp.com

Best Bagel and Coffee

Best Bagel and Coffee

225 W 35th St, Between 7th and 8th
(212) 564-4409
Monday-Friday 6AM-4:30PM, Saturday 8AM-2:30PM


Centrally located 2 blocks away from Penn Station, this is the perfect place to carb-up with a scrumptious bagel sandwich before you catch your Amtrak. They call themselves Best Bagel and Coffee for a reason, since locals know this is the place for a generously-sized bagel sandy and a jolt of java.

Daniel's Bagels 3

Photo Credit: Yelp.com

Daniel's Bagel

569 3rd Ave, Between 37th and 38th
(212) 972-9733
Monday-Friday 5:30AM-9PM, Saturday-Sunday 5:30-7PM

Looking for a low-key, classic NYC experience? Pop by Daniel’s Bagels for bagels done right--smaller, chewier, and more flavorful than the average deli-bagel. These kettle-boiled bagels remind you of how bagels are supposed to be made. Their chicken salad is a crowd pleaser, and so is the herring spread.

Tal Bagels 4

Photo Credit: www.yelp.com

Tal Bagels

Tal Bagels

977 1st Avenue, Corner of 54th
(212) 753-9080
Monday-Saturday 5:30AM-10PM, Sunday 6AM-8PM


Soft in the middle and crusty on the outside - the bagels from Tal’s are all the rave. Customers love the many different types of cream cheese spreads such as walnut raisin, scallion, and tofu vegetable. Come for a “bagel and schmear” and maybe take a few salads to go.

Ess-A-Bagel 5

Photo Credit: Ess-A-Bagel

Ess- A- Bagel

831 3rd Ave, Corner of 51st
(212) 980-1010
Monday-Friday 6AM-9PM, Saturday-Sunday 6AM-5PM

Around since 1976, Ess-A-Bagel is a true bagel classic. Their motto is “everything on a bagel,” which couldn’t be more fitting. Locals order their bagel topped with anything from tuna fish salad, chicken cordon bleu, chopped liver and more. Don’t let the massive menu intimidate you-everything tastes outta’ this world!


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