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Renown hamburger expert, filmmaker, and author George Motz brings you the best new burgers in his hometown of New York City.

  • Located in Bushwick, Fritzl's Lunch Box grinds their own beef to create an amazing taste. Add in chopped pickles, onions and special sauce and you've just conquered lunch. If burgers aren't your thing, try their fried chicken or crispy pork belly.
  • Hard Times Sundaes has been serving up great burgers in Brooklyn out of truck since 2011. Owner Andrew Zurica offers a straightforward, no-nonsense beef burger in single, double or triple sizes.
  • You can find Genuine Roadside at Gotham West Market in Hell's Kitchen or their new location downtown. Their specialty, The Smoke Stack Burger, features bacon, smoked gouda, charred jalapeño mayo, sweet pickles and chipotle BBQ sauce.
  • Emily's is a pizza place in the Clinton Hill Brooklyn that serves a noteworthy dry aged beef burger. No substitutions or alterations aloud on their burger with "Emmy" sauce, caramelized onion, Grafton cheddar, cornichon and fries.

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