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Andrew Zimmer, former Thrillist editor and current Time Out New York editor, shares his favorite spots in downtown Manhattan to enjoy the best savory bites NYC has to offer. 

  • Take a break from the pizza, burgers, and fries, and try some Japanese comfort food at Cocorun. Healthy dishes of buckwheat noodles and fresh veggies are topped with delicious spices and flavorful curry to give them that extra kick of savory goodness.

  • Can’t decide what to get for lunch? Tacombi at Fonda Nolita specializes in authentic Mexican tacos. Hipster meets Mexican restaurant is the aura giving you some great picture worthy scenery, don’t forget to snap the infamous vintage Volkswagen Bus where the tacos are made.

  • Ducks Eatery is taking BBQ to new heights, throwing an Asian twist to their dishes. Taste the meaty juicy goodness of BBQ paired with savory noodles, soups, and more!

  • Owned by the same creative minds of Duck’s Eatery, Harry and Ida’s specializes in packaged products and creating savory sandwiches. Rumor has it they make a memorable pastrami sandwich!

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