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George Motz's Top 5 Regional Burgers 

America's favorite sandwich, the burger, can be found in restaurants, diners and fine dining establishments across the country.

Life's too short for a bad burger, so let's travel across the U.S. with America's foremost hamburger expert George Motz in search of the nation's best.

Here are George's picks for the best burgers across the US:

  • Founded in 1959, Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, CT is the only known location in the U.S. that sells a steamed cheeseburger. It's a delicate procedure to steam the cheeseburgers in their custom made steam boxes. They use quality ingredients such as fresh, never frozen meat.
  • A local tradition, the Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico has a little kick in the taste. You can set off on a pilgrimage and try them at the Bobcat Bite, a local institution in Santa Fe.
  • In Miami, the Cuban Frita is a savory burger you can try at El Mago de la Fritas. This recipe originated in Cuba in 1930s and 40s with chorizo spices, raw onions and shredded potato wisps nested on top.
  • The Butter Burger in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was created at Solly's Grille. They add a big dollop of fresh Wisconsin butter on top for added flavor.
  • To try the best loose meat sandwich in Iowa, head to Taylor's Main-Rite in Marshalltown. Founded in 1926, the "hamburger" is disconstruted to be loose, but still having all the fixings of a burger.

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