Muji Is Opening Hotels in Asia!

Muji Is Opening Hotels in Asia! will begin shortly.

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Fans of Japanese design brand Muji take note...Muji Hotels are coming to China and Japan!

After 37 years making tidy little home essentials you never knew you needed, Muji has announced plans to open hotels in China and Japan!

The first Muji Hotel is set to be completed later this year in Shenzhen -- the major finance and business metropolis in south-eastern China that links Hong Kong to the Mainland. Muji plans to implement their “three-in-one” concept of integrating a flagship retail store, restaurant and hotel all under one roof. The property will feature 79 rooms finished with recycled wood and outfitted with Muji furniture and accessories.

The second Muji Hotel will open in Ginza, Tokyo’s most famous commercial district, in 2019.

So what can you expect from these new hotels? Minimalistic interior designs comprised of recycled wood, Muji furniture, and other Muji accessories that mimic the esthetic displays in the retail store. Enjoy staying in Muji heaven.

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