"Recharge" in Luxury Hotel Rooms With This App

"Recharge" in Luxury Hotel Rooms With This App will begin shortly.

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Renting Luxury Hotel Rooms By The Minute With Smartphone App Recharge

Hourly hotel rooms used to be reserved for secretive liaisons, but today’s pressed-for-time business traveler can now rent a luxury hotel room by the minute. Users of the app Recharge, which first launched in San Francisco, can book a room at several boutique or luxury New York hotel properties, by the minute. Available Manhattan hotels include The Pierre, the James SoHo, and the luxe Starwood Capital property, 1 Hotel Central Park.

Guests do not have to adhere to any minimum stay requirements, and Recharge rooms range from $0.66 cents per min to $3/min depending on the hotel. 

Additionally, Recharge has recently announced a strategic investment by JetBlue Technology Ventures, a subsidiary of JetBlue Airways. Chicago and Los Angeles are likely the next urban targets for Recharge.

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