Try Out These Floating Hotel Rooms in Japan

Try Out These Floating Hotel Rooms in Japan will begin shortly.

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The Dutch-themed amusement park Huis Ten Bosch, located in Sasebo, Japan, is already well-known for its robot staff and high-tech amenities. Now, the popular attraction just announced it will be offering floating hotel room pods that travel the Pacific Ocean while you sleep.

The spherical capsules are 2-story and house beds, bathrooms, and other traditional hotel room accommodations, available for up to four guests. These pods will feature extremely large windows, allowing guests to get a stellar view of the ocean and night sky while drifting off to sleep.

According to a report in Bloomberg Japan, it will cost around $300 US dollars a night for a bedtime ride in these small hotel pods. Guests will fall asleep at one location in Huis Ten Bosch and wake up on one of the park’s game-filled islands. Head to the park’s site, linked above, for booking information.

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