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A Tomorrowland Trip & Staying in Brussels 

On this week's We Hear, whether you're a history buff, Tomorrowland electronic-dance music festival attendee, or just a savvy traveller, we'll be covering the best ways to enjoy Belgium this summer. 

  • Each summer, Boom, Belgium hosts the massive Tomorrowland Music Festival, featuring over 400 world-renowned DJs and EDM artists performing amid pyrotechnic laser and light shows and hundreds of thousands of dancing spectators. If you've ever wanted to see talents like Skrillex, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Fatboy Slim, and Deadmau5. Sound like your kind of party? The festival's on-site campgrounds (aptly named "Dreamville") is running out of spots! We recommend staying in Brussels! 
  • When in Brussels, just a half hour car ride way from the festival, don't forget to stop by the famous "Pissing Boy" (or 'Mannekin Pis') statue. Located on the corner of Rue de l'Etuve and Rue du Chêne, this little statue of the historic naked boy is a must see before you head off to the raves. 
  • Savvy travelers know Brussels is home to some of the best thrift shopping, fleas, and markets in Europe. Try the Jue de Balle Flea Market for smaller items like jewelry and crockery, then swing over to the weekend-only Sablon Antiques Market, located at Place du Grand Sablon, for larger pieces of furniture, collectibles, and antiques. 
  • Sound like your type of summer vacation? If you hurry, you can still book a double occupancy room in the 4-star Renaissance Brussels Hotel for as low as $115 per night. With a pool, in-room wifi, and onsite parking, these accommodations are perfect for any group who needs to escape after a long night of dancing! 

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