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Think you've seen it all? From yoga raves to chessboxing, there’s no better way to see London than by making your way through these weird and wonderful British attractions.

  • Ever wanted to test out your super spy abilities? At Undercover London take part in an immersive adventure throughout the city, where you must fulfill a top secret mission using your cleverness and wit to get by. Every choice and mistake you make has an impact in fulfilling your mission.

  • Put your focusing skills to the test in a match of London Chess Boxing, where two polar opposite sports collide. With consecutive rounds of chess and boxing, just one game will give your group an explosively entertaining show unlike anything else you’ve seen around the globe.

  • Namaste! From vinyasa to ashtanga, many health-conscious travellers have no-doubt dabbled in various forms of yoga. Luckily, there’s nothing quite like Creative Yoga Londons Yoga Raves to spice up your flow. Next time you’re in town, join one of their blowout yoga parties, featuring superstar DJ’s and thumping EDM jams that provide a whole new downward dog experience.

  • Take a walk off the beaten path with Undiscovered London, this city’s most entertaining and eclectic touring company. Immerse yourself in the former living quarters and hangouts of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, and the Rolling Stones to see how Camden Town became the world capital of rock and roll.

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