How to Plan the Perfect Family Vacation This Summer

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Organizing a summer vacation for the whole family can be quite an undertaking. Juggling various age groups, genders, or hobbies and interests can make it difficult to plan a trip that everyone will love and enjoy.

  • One solution? Let the kids help plan your trip! Ask your children where they would like to go, what they would like to see, and what activities they would enjoy doing. Maybe they would like to stay in a treehouse or see the world’s largest ball of twine (located in Cawker City, Kansas, for the folks at home wondering.) No matter their desires, use a site like Dunhill Travel Deals to browse exclusive family vacation packages to brainstorm destination ideas that are budget friendly.
  • Once you’ve got an idea of the entire family’s travel preferences, look up resorts and destinations that are 1) easily accessible from the U.S. (or your location) and 2) meet everyone’s criteria. Try to find a good mix of entertainment, activities, and relaxation opportunities. We love the Mahekal Beach Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico provides a unique beachfront experience for the family.

Still can’t decide on a destination? Browse Travel Savvy travel guides to get a little travel inspiration.

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