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Companies Offering Great Travel Deals

Twenty-something and on a budget? Whether you're looking for a cheap Spring Break destination or a weekend post-grad getaway, you can save some serious cash by traveling with friends!

Below, we've rounded up the best companies offering travel deals to college students and millennials.

  • EF College Break builds fully-planned trips to the most popular destinations in the U.S., Europe, South America, and around the globe. Plus, if you can round up your class and get a group of 40+ people on board, EF College Break will throw in an expert tour guide to navigate transportation and show you around your destination.  
  • As for places to stay while abroad, we especially love the Grand Hotel de Turin in Paris. Located near historical landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, this modern, sleek hotel works with EF College Break on the regular, ensuring every American millennial in Paris has an Instagram-able place to stay. 
  • Need to find a cheap flight, fast? Look no further than StudentUniverse, which allows students at any accredited university around the globe to receive major discounts on flights, accommodations, group tours, and more. We recommend downloading their 'Flights' app, available for both Android and iPhone, which allows you to receive notifications so you never miss a steal. 

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