Apps & Hacks to Help Tackle Your Morning Commute

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It’s the time of the day we all dread – going to work! We're barely awake, yet must navigate through busy travel circumstances before being thrown headfirst into our work day.

According to Psychology Today, long and stressful commutes have been linked to high anxiety, weight gain, and poor sleep, among other negative outcomes. So, what are some hacks to make getting to work easier on ourselves?

  • My first tip is to remember that this is YOUR time. You chose to go to work, you chose to have this commitment, and you are in control over your decisions and your morning. Reminding yourself of the latter will help keep your anxiety levels low in times when you feel you have no control – heavy traffic, stalled subway cars etc.
  • If you still find yourself getting frustrated, consider another more flexible means of transport, such as biking or carpooling with a colleague to keep you company.
  • Meditation is known for its effects on the nervous system and restorative health benefits. Download an app like Headspace to help you get in the zone.
  • Once you have established that this time is ‘your time,’ add elements to your commute that you look forward to experiencing, such as a great book, an innovative podcast or relaxing music. (It’s a well known and proved fact that relaxing music or classical music can help decrease anxiety.)
  • While many commuters swear by the mindlessly ‘crushing candy,’ for some, technology can raise stress levels rather than subdue them. Our number one tip? Disconnect and take some time for YOU.

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