Yes, You Still Need a Travel Agent

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Travel agents get a bad rap! On this week’s We Hear, we’ve partnered with Avoya Travel and rounded up five reasons why you should consult travel professionals before your next vacation. 

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  • The #1 reason? They Save You Money! It is a travel agent’s sole job to sift through the thousands of deals and vacation packages on the market, purely to find you the best deals out there.

  • Professional Access: Travel professionals and experts manage countless relationships with hotel brands, airlines, and other travel services which can, in turn, score you upgrades, perks, and preferred service without racking up additional fees.

  • Savvy Scheduling: In today’s working world, time off is becoming increasingly valuable. Travel agents will plan your trip in an intelligent, time-saving, efficient manner unparalleled by online services or the DIY route.

  • Think of your travel agent as your Expert Personal Concierge:  Beyond handling the logistics (such as knowing up-to-date visa requirement and the best restaurants to make a romantic dinner reservation,) travel agents have spent their entire careers’ studying the travel industry and gaining expert insider knowledge and local hook-ups that will make your trip unforgettable (and stress-free!)

  • Finally, travel agents allow you to have Peace of Mind. (Just take a listen to this Avoya Travel voicemail to hear what we’re talking about -- you’ll never be in better hands!) From natural disasters to flight cancellations to sudden illnesses and everything in between, travel agents take the stress out of emergencies by handling all the last-minute changes in arrangements.

We recommend using a travel agency, like Avoya Travel, that matches you with experts in your desired destination’s niche to connect with the perfect travel agent for your needs.

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