3 Travel Hacks for Summer

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Data shows that the first half of June is the cheapest time to book travel for the summer, with August being the ideal vacation month. However, given the many variables that are involved in travel booking, like your destination and dates, these generalizations simply do not apply to everyone.

  • That’s why Francesca Page, Miss Travel Guru, recommends using an app like Hopper to track flights and notify you of when they go up and down in price. The app also lets you explore affordable destinations during the dates you desire, so you can browse potential vacations right on your iPhone or Android.

  • When it comes to summer travel, Miss Travel Guru recommends experiences that take care of every amenity under one roof -- like a cruise! We love AmaWaterways mesmerizing European cruises, especially the Taste of Bordeaux, a seven-night excursion stopping by the world’s finest wine capitals along the Garonne River.  

  • Road trips are a popular family vacation option in the summer months, and our favorite travel hack for road trippers is the Follow App. Whether you’re traveling with friends or extended family spread across multiple cars, the app helps everyone stay together, rest stops included. Download the Follow App for iPhone here.

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