What NOT to Pack When Traveling

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There are lots of things that can hold you back from traveling in this life, don’t let your suitcase weigh you down!

For some, choosing what to pack for an extended vacation -- or even just a weekend getaway -- can bring on anxiety, dread, and quite frankly, much ado about nothing. Lucky for you, Francesca Page a.k.a. Miss Travel Guru has created a refreshing version of your typical travel packing list: what NOT to pack when traveling!

  • DON’T: Bring any bulky books, and skip paying for those overpriced magazines at the airport stores. Instead, consolidate and grab an e-reader like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, retailing well under a hundred US dollars! On top of downloading books, movies and games, consider a travel app like Duolingo, to learn a language and make the most of that long flight or road trip.
  • DON’T: Pack a full outfit for everyday of your vacation. Instead, pack tops and bottoms that mix and match well, leaving plenty of room in your luggage for those coveted “third piece” accessories such as shoes, blazers, and jewelry. If you need to change it up, simply throw on a bomber jacket or statement necklace, and no one will know you’re an outfit repeater.
  • DON’T: Let bulky clothes take up space. Consider: We all love denim; it's durable, hides stains well, and goes with just about everything. But stacking those bulky blue jeans in your suitcase takes up far too much space than most of us can afford. Instead, roll your denim, and all of your other clothes, to save space and prevent wrinkling and creasing better than the average folding method.
  • DON’T: Pack shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Most hotels will have these basic toiletries waiting for you. Or if you must have your own favorite brands, make a list and pick up all your favorite products in miniature versions from your local pharmacy’s travel-sized aisle. Score name-brand dry shampoos, hairsprays, face washes and more, all under the TSA-approved 3.4 fluid ounces.
  • DON’T: Lug around your entire makeup collection. Beyond investing in travel-sized beauty products, Francesca recommends picking up a quality set of travel makeup brushes as well as a selecting a neutral palette for your travel looks that can work for both day and night events. (Tip: Be sure to seal all of your cosmetics into a clear, zip-up bag to get through airport security quickly.)

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