1 Popular Travel Hack That DOESN’T Work

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When it comes to saving money on online airfare bookings, it seems we travelers have been duped by the rumor mill once again.

We’ve all heard that travel-booking sites track how many times you search their listings, and rumor has it they bump up the price accordingly.

But, according to a recent myth-busting interview with the founder of flight deals site AirFareWatchDog on Huffington Post, there is currently no evidence to support the claim that these sites use your browser’s cookies for price jumps.

To think, all this time we thought clearing our cookies and cache was a popular travel booking hack that actually worked!

Luckily, we’ve still got plenty of hacks to find the best travel deals and cheap flight prices on Travel Savvy, so be sure to check out our travel booking tips and tricks before hitting that non-refundable ‘book’ button!

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