How To Survive Long-Distance Flights

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The Best Apps for Long Flights

That long-distance flight between far-off destinations sounds like a great idea. There's no transferring between planes and terminals, the cost is cheaper and it gets you where you want to go faster without delays. Then by hour ten, you're thinking being on the ground and out of a airplane sounds like a good idea. On this episode of WeHear, we talk about the latest, long-distance flights and mobile apps that help you get through the experience.

  • While it doesn't top the legendary (but no longer operating) Singapore Airlines 19-hour, 10,000-mile journey between Newark, NJ and Singapore, Emirates launched their non-stop service between Dubai and Auckland, New Zealand. Clocking in at almost 18 hours against the gulf stream and 8,824 miles, the route now holds the record as the longest commercial flight in the world. With that amount of milage earned, it's worth signing up for their Emirates Skywards program.
  • Luckily, Emirates upgraded inflight entertainment system helps you pass the time with 2,000 on-demand international channels and 535 movies. It's your chance to watch reality shows and sitcoms from Europe, the Middle East and Asia on a 13.3-inch screen in Economy Class. If you prefer your own programming, HDMI and USB-ports are provided so you can watch all the Fast & Furious movies in one sitting and still have time for a nap.
  • With the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner being added to their fleet, United Airlines is also entering the long-haul flight business. Starting on June 1st, you'll be able to fly non-stop between San Francisco and Singapore. At 8,446 miles and 16 hours and 20 minutes westbound, SFO-CIN will be the third-longest route in the world and United's ninth Asian city you fly to from San Francisco. 
  • While we suggest being properly hydrated and easing off on the booze for these 10+ hour flights, you might need a little zen on your journey. Download the free, well-reviewed meditation app, Stop, Breathe & Think for customized moments of peace. The app will ask you how you feel and guide you to a better state of mind. Next thing you know, you're on the road to wellness ... or flight to wellness in this case.
  • If the thought of packing and carrying your suitcase is adding to the stress of your long-distance flight, mobile travel app DUFL is here to the rescue for the frequent business traveler. When you download and sign-up, a DUFL-branded suitcase will arrive at your door. Fill it with the clothes and items you need at your destination. DUFL via FedEx will pick up the suitcase, take photos of everything inside, launder them and ship it to you destination. When you get to your hotel, your DUFL is waiting for you. After that, you can have your DUFL stored until your next trip and then you can start the process over which means you never have to pack or do laundry for trips.
  • These long-distance flights means you'll probably going to a foreign country where you don't speak the language. The Bravolol language app will help in translating simple phrases and vocabulary like "Thank you," "Can I please have" and "I need a taxi". If you need to use the phrase "Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?", we wish you luck with that.
  • Unfortunately, there is no over-the-counter medication that will cure jet lag. In the meantime, try out Jet Lag Rooster, a free jet lag remedy based on science. The mobile app helps you adjust your sleep patterns to your destination with a detailed plan of when you should expose yourself to sunlight or when to avoid it. For those with a smartwatch or fitness tracker, Sky Zen uses your sleep and activity patterns to help you make choices on when to shut down before and during a long flight. When it doubt, check out these 10 tips on how to get over jet lag (and avoid it in the first place) before heading to the airport.

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