Travel Websites That Help You Save Money On Hotel Rooms

Travel Websites That Help You Save Money On Hotel Rooms will begin shortly.

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Check Out These Travel Websites That'll Save Money On Hotel Rooms

Booking a hotel online? Close all those tabs you’ve got open, and check out Tingo, by TripAdvisor, which helps book your chosen hotel at the lowest rate possible. Use the Tingo site to search for a specific hotel, book it, and sit back as the service obsessively checks for any price decreases between the time you book and the time you arrive. The system will rebook you at the lower price automatically AND refunds the difference to your credit card. The best part? There are no costs associated with Price Drop refunds and no extra forms to fill out. Tingo does all the work.

At DreamCheaper, simply book your room and send your confirmation to their team via a dedicated email. From there, DreamCheaper will search hundreds of websites for better rates, including 'Flash Sale' websites and wholesale travel platforms that are often not available to direct consumers.

If lower rates can be found, the agent will rebook you and cancel your old reservation, with your permission. DreamCheaper takes 20% of your savings as compensation, but there is no fee unless you save.

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