Why Does Beer Taste Different on Airplanes?

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Did you know beer actually tastes different at 35,000 ft up in the air?

As it turns out, when it comes to cracking open a cold one in-flight, high-altitude environments change our perception of beer’s flavor.

When you’re flying and in a low-humidity environment (as most airplanes are) our nasal passages dry up. This phenomenon causes our tastebuds to become less sensitive to the salty and sweet flavors our favorite brews might have, giving the beer an overall more bitter taste.

To counteract, A recent report from CNN points out that breweries like Hong Kong Beer co. are now upping the carbonation to heighten their beers’ sweet and savory aromas.

If you’re not lucky enough to be flying with an airline that serves beers specially brewed for flight-consumption, simply ask for the hoppiest brews in stock.

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