Did You Know You Can Take Cruise Through Europe?

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Want to travel across Europe, without the cliched hassle of backpacking or traveling by rail across the continent? You’re not alone. These days, a popular way that younger travelers are tackling a European adventure is a river cruise!

We love the idea of taking a river cruise around Europe because you can see the entire continent while only unpacking once. Plus, today’s cruises are a far cry from any image involved Hawaiian shirts you might be conjuring up. Expect onboard luxuries like high-tech rooms, heated pools, and fine dining options.

Emerald Waterways is one of our favorite European river cruise companies for a couple of reasons: For one, they offer multiple different packages, featuring different routes through Europe’s Rhine, Main and Danube rivers, making stops at top cities like Budapest, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Also, Emerald’s River Cruise Travel Guarantee protects you against delays or cancellations due to things like weather, natural disasters, labor strikes, or mechanical breakdowns, so you can feel. Now, all you have to worry about is getting your passport and visas ready!

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