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Medical Tourism, Hotels, & More in Dubai

Dubai truly has it all; everyone from luxury vacationers to a thrill-seeking adventurers should check out everything this beautiful island has to offer.

  • According to the medical and health travel Web site Patients Beyond Borders, about a million and a half Americans are now heading overseas for surgery annually; and today it’s a 15 billion dollar a year business. The next big destination for medical tourism? Dubai. The city’s leadership has launched a dedicated visitors portal with the aim of increasing the number of international medical tourists to 500,000 by 2020, offering travel discounts and specials.

  • This United Arab Emirates destination was the only one from the region to be named a top Travellers’ Choice Destinations of 2016 by TripAdvisor, coming in at No. 1 in the region and 13th in the world. Tripadvisor reminds travellers that this is a city of superlatives -- Dubai is home the world’s tallest building; the only 7-star hotel; the largest artificial islands; and largest natural flower garden.

  • Check out the city’s urban zip line, the xLINE, that begins above the downtown area from a residential building and ends atop the luxurious Dubai Mall. This fast-paced ride suspends riders 300 feet above downtown and runs more than 1,800 feet long, allowing daredevils to traverse Dubai at speeds of up to 50 miles.

  • Dubai is also targeting families. Developers are hard at work on a $1B Marvel and Cartoon Network-themed amusement park, expected to open this August. Expect two other major theme parks to arrive soon--Legoland and Six Flags. Londoners will feel at home knowing that one of their most popular cafes is heading to Dubai as well….the Keery Brothers will be opening an outpost of their UK-based nostalgic Cereal Killer Cafe in this exciting city, later on this year.

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