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Top 3 Apps for Cheap Drinks

Anyone thirsty? Whether you're hunting for an ambiance-driven dive bar or a free round of fruity cocktails, we've rounded up the best free mobile apps to help you drink to your heart's (and liver's) content. 

  • Use the bar app Hooch to receive a round of drinks at the top bars and restaurants in your area, all for the price of a single cocktail. Even better for travelers, the app works interchangeably in New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Miami, and, most recently, Hong Kong. The membership is $9.99 per month, but the mobile app is free to download and check-out on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Want to find the best bars near you with your favorite brew on tap? We love the app Untappd, a social network for craft beer lovers. Free to download for iphone and android, the Untappd app uses your location services to point of the best nearby bars, drawing upon reviews from its user base across the globe. Plus, users can also see a feed that shows what your friends are drinking at the moment. Check-in, pen reviews, and earn badges and rewards for various traveling and drinking achievements along the way.
  • Finding the best bars and nightlife when you’re traveling to a new city can be difficult. Enter DrinkAdvisor, the ultimate mobile guide to 15,000+ of the best bars in 240 cities around the world. Simply fill in your travel destination, type of ambiance you’re looking for, hit search, and the app will point you to that rooftop hookah bar or upscale italian restaurant you’ve been hunting for. When it’s time to head back home, recreate the cocktails from your travels with DrinkAdvisor’s handy bartending recipes.

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