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Writer and director James Habacker, owner of the famous NYC burlesque club The Slipper Room, revisits old-school New York City in this segment.

Come along for the ride as he shares his favorite 80's kid memories of the Big Apple.

  • The Sock Man is an old-time stand located on the street in St. Mark's Square. The legend goes that if you bought some socks, he would give you a hint off of his joint. That must explain his longevity.
  • Also on St. Mark's Street, Cafe Mogador is a family-run restaurant serving a variety of fresh Middle Eastern food, including vegetarian options. Opened in 1983, the neighborhood favorite is the place for tagines, couscous and exotic wines.
  • While used-book stores are dying breed, Left Bank Books has continued to stock hard-to-find editions of classic novels and books of poetry. Located in the West Village, it's the perfect place to loose yourself in literature and art.
  • Bizarre Bar lives up to its name. Located in Bushwick, it's an area that closely resembles what the East Village was like in the 80s. The unique bar is owned by a couple of artistic French men. Expect a lot of cross-dressing, comedy and interesting cocktails.
  • City Opera Thrift Shop in Gramercy has a large selection of lovely items. With the aging population in the area, many of their belongings are ending up in this store after they pass on. You never know what you'll find.
  • Metropolitan Opera is a great place to get dressed up and have a few drinks. Attending an opera is a New York tradition passed on from generation to generation. You can find great deals like two orchestra seats for $50!

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