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When we want to know the best places to drink in New York, we turn to former Thrillist writer and current TimeOut New York editor Andrew Zimmer.

The New York nightlife expert tells us where he imbibes when he's not writing about bars and restaurants.

  • Located in the East Village, Alphabet City Beer is a craft beer store and bar that holds over 350 beers and 12 rotating taps from local breweries. The cozy location is a great place to hold informal office meetings, where we're sure you'll get plenty done.
  • Zimmer calls The Wayland his favorite cocktail bar in the city for its great food, laid back atmosphere and innovative cocktails. His go-to drink is I Hear Banjos, which is apple pie moonshine, rye whiskey and house apple-spice bitter. The cocktail is then smoked with applewood-cinnamon bark using an upside down glass bowl.
  • Built inside an old industrial parking garage, Houston Hall serves up giant ales and lagers brewed exclusively by Greenpoint Beer Works. If you need something to eat with that liter of beer, their pub grub of German-style pretzels, burgers and Milk Truck grilled cheese sandwiches will keep you upright.
  • Relish in the tropical ambiance at The Happiest Hour, where you can live out your Hawaiian fantasies. With quirky fruity drinks on tap served in tiki mugs and a tasty double-stacked burger, your happy hour will turn into happy hours.
  • If you need a cocktail bar that's more cozy and secluded, go downstairs from The Happiest Hour to Slowly Shirley. Here, the focus is on classic and contemporary cocktails served in a glamorous, Golden Age setting. Cocktail connoisseurs and couples will enjoy the Tahitian Coffee (For Two), which is Plantation Barbados rum, Campo de Encanto pisco, cold brew concentrate coffee, house falernum, honey and citrus juices served in a carafe.
  • Barcade in Williamsburg is for those who want craft beer, whisky and vintage 80s arcade games. You'll need to dig out your quarters for several rounds of Punch-Out, Ms. Pac-Man or Dig-Dug. Their Chelsea and St. Mark's Place locations serve up food to help you win at Donkey Kong.

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