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Jesse Malin is a musician, New Yorker, and vegetarian. He grew up in Queens, but has called the East Village home for years. He has toured all over the world, which means trying vegetarian food in many different cities and countries. He’s been a vegetarian since he was 15, so who better to recommend some restaurants to go for vegetarian food that is not just a veggie burger or a plate of sides.

Jesse’s top five spots for vegetarian in the East Village are:

  • Angelica Kitchen has been serving delicious vegan food since 1976. They work with local farmers and commit to a minimum of 95% organically grown food. In addition to their every day menu, they offer seasonal specials. Try the dragon bowl with your choice of tofu or tempeh, steamed and sea vegetables, and rice or noodles. 

  • One of the best brunch spots in all of Manhattan (some say #1) is Café Mogador on St. Marks Place. This restaurant opened in 1983, and is still run by the original owners. The food is Moroccan inspired and does include some meat, which makes it a great place to go if you are the only vegetarian in your group. Breakfast is available every day until 4pm, then the menu switches to dinner. Try the Moroccan eggs.
  • Caravan of Dream is a vegan, organic, and kosher restaurant that opened in 1991. They have a Spanish flare with menu items like vegan paella and seitan taquitos. They are well known for their tempeh Reuben. In addition to vegan, they offer raw and macrobiotic dishes. They have a fully stocked bar and nightly entertainment.
  • If you are a vegetarian, you know how hard it is to find meatless soup. B&H Dairy opened more than 60 years ago on Second Avenue near St. Marks. This diner does not mix the meats and has vegetarian soups. You can get traditional diner egg dishes, french toast, or pancakes, or you can try the vegetarian stuffed cabbage and a knish.
  • The Indian District on East 6th Street has many restaurants to choose from. Many are BYOB, so look into that option if you are on a budget or prefer your own beer or wine. Jesse recommends Milon on First Avenue. They have great vegetarian samosas, biryani, and veggie curries. Tip: If you say it’s someone’s birthday, they will turn the lights on, ring a bell, and come out with ice cream while singing happy birthday.

Jesse's band D Generation has a new album out. It's called Nothing is Anywhere and it's available on itunes

Check out Jesse’s tour dates. He usually sticks around after the show, so say "hi" and let him know where to get the best vegetarian food in your city. 

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