Inside NYC's Millennial Pink Obsession, Rosé Included

Inside NYC's Millennial Pink Obsession, Rosé Included will begin shortly.

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If you’ve walked the streets of New York City in the summertime in recent years, you’ve probably noticed a pink, frozen slushie-like drink that seems to have taken this city by storm.

These cocktails made of frozen rosé wine, dubbed the Frozé, are the latest pink wine craze the east coast can’t get enough of. Some might attribute this obsession to the #MillennialPink trend that has taken over Instagram, but we believe the collective love of rosé is more than just a fad.  

The rosé trend is coming to a head at the second annual rosé-themed picnic, or Pinknic held on Governor’s Island on the second weekend of July. (Last year’s festivities -- which included live DJ sets and performances as well as rosé tastings -- brought 16,000 pink wine enthusiasts to the island.)

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