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Author, documentarian, and America's foremost hamburger expert George Motz shares the best classic burgers in NYC.

From Queens and Brooklyn to Manhattan, these patties are worth the trip.

  • Two8Two Bar & Burger is located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. You'll want to try their speciality, The Green Chile Cheeseburger. What better way to wash it down with then some local craft beers or house cocktails like their Whiskey Ginger Fizz or Brooklyn Detention.
  • J.G. Melon has been open for over 25 years at its original location in Upper East Side. Their new location at 89 Macdougal Street by NYU serves up their signature cheeseburger in a classic setting.
  • Late night favorite Mark Burger perfectly reproduces New Jersey's famous sliders. For under $3 each, you can load up three, four and five times.
  • Donovan's Pub is an old Irish pub in Woodside Queens that serves a half-pound burger. If the burger doesn't make you full, their fries, potato skins and onion rings will.
  • Minetta Tavern in the West Village is a cross between a gastropub and French bistro. Their Black Label Burger is legendary among NYC foodies and celebrity chefs. You might catch Anthony Bourdain or Nigella Lawson at the next table.

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