Best Asian Restaurants in the U.S

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Asian Restaurants Recommended by Danielle Chang

Danielle Chang is the founder of Lucky Rice, which hosts a series of celebrated events across the country dedicated to the Asian food scene.

On this episode of the Lowdown, Danielle gives us the foodie scoop on the best Asian restaurants across the USA.

  • RedFarm in NYC has the best-steamed dumplings in the city. You can choose among twelve varieties alongside pork buns, rice and noodle dishes and curries.

  • Parks BBQ offers the DIY grill experience in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles. Pick your meat or vegetable, grill it right in front of you and repeat the process until you say "? ??? ??" (or "no more").
  • La Mar by Gaston Acurio in the Mandarin Oriental in Miami mixes Peruvian and Asian cuisine. Lomo Saltado (stir-fry) is the what you'll be choosing at their Cebiche and Anticuchos bar.
  • The Slanted Door is an icon in San Francisco with amazing views from the Ferry Building. Owner/Chef Charles Phan is constantly experimenting with Vietnamese flavors and techniques. Make sure to pick up a copy of their cookbook so you can recreate it at home.
  • Step off the strip in Las Vegas and visit Lotus of Siam for the best Northern Thai food in the U.S. Don't be worried about its strip mall location. You're eating superior food (drunken noodles, crispy duck) made by those who know Thai inside out.

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