We Discovered The Best Way to See New Orleans

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From beignets to brass, New Orleans, Louisiana is currently one of the most attractive vacation destinations in the US.

Beyond the jazz music scene, historical landmarks, and Creole and Cajun cuisines, New Orleans has also gained newfound popularity after being featured in popular millennial television shows and movies: namely, American Horror Story: Coven and Disney’s latest adaptation (to-be-released) of The Little Mermaid, which features paddlewheel riverboats on the Mississippi River!

Now, thanks to the newest paddlewheel river cruise ships from American Cruise Lines, this year’s summer vacations will be one step ahead of pop culture. Whether you’re a Southern local or an out-of-town tourist, a river cruise seems to be the best way to explore New Orleans like we’ve never seen it before.

We recommend American Cruise Lines’ variety of Mississippi River cruises in particular due to their customized excursions of top Louisiana attractions guided by experts. Plus, the private balconies, hotel-style bathrooms, and complimentary room service and WiFi don’t hurt!

Once you’ve hopped off your cruise, we recommend exploring the rest Louisiana has to offer via fishing, swamp tours, and craft beer tastings, all of which we put to the Travel Savvy test in our Lowdown series.

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