Bowling Green Kentucky, Beyond the Massacre

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the size of Trump Tower, you've probably heard of that infamous “Bowling Green Massacre.”

In fact, this Kentucky city happens to be the perfect weekend destination for families, adventure seekers, car enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone with a sweet tooth.  

  • Auto enthusiasts will love visiting the sprawling GM Corvette Assembly Plant and Museum in Bowling Green, where groups can view Corvettes in period settings spanning the automobile ages, including mint classics, one-of-a-kind prototypes and top-notch modern models. Visitors can even take an hour-long tour of the Plant, experience the step-by-step production process, grab a bite to eat at the cafe, and shop for souvenirs completely unique to this destination.
  • Did you know Bowling Green Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the longest known cave system on planet earth? Now you do! Schedule guided tours of the 350 million-year-old rocks, and allow the expert guides to point out the fascinating animals and wildlife that have adapted to the darkest nooks and crannies.
  • Ever want to meet the adorably precious cows that help make your ice cream? Chaney’s Dairy Barn is a real working family-owned dairy farm that also happens to make the best ice cream in Kentucky according to USA Today’s “The USA’s Best Ice Cream: Top Parlors in 50 States.”  Anyone with a sweet tooth (or a love for animals) will have a blast taking a tour of the expansive farms, and tasting fun flavors such as “Cookie MOOnster” and “Mocha Moo.” Tourists and locals alike have been coming back for more since the farm started to produce their delicious ice cream in 2003, and also come 'round to attend the fun events such as live musical performances and seaonal festivals, scheduled all year long.

Check out our list of this Kentucky city’s local hidden gems and visit for more facts about Bowling Green and it’s top spots to explore!

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