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Jimmy Phillip's Top Adelaide Restaurants

Australian native Jimmy Phillips, owner of The Domestique, shares his favorite locations in his hometown of Adelaide.

Located an hour plane flight west from Melbourne, this city by the sea offers miles of stunning beaches and can't-miss sunsets.

  • A Mother's Milk is the perfect start to your day with an excellent breakfast selection. You can't go wrong with the avocado smash sandwich or the beans on toast with their signature cold brew.
  • One of the oldest restaurants in Adelaide, La Trattoria has award winning pizza and exquisite Italian cuisine. During Formula One season, such notable drivers as Nico Rosberg and Ayrton Senna would frequent the place.
  • Established in 1869, the Central Market has been a thriving hub of food and culture. Stroll around, do some shopping and enjoy some of Adelaide's most popular cafe and eateries.

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