Get Your Fix: World’s First All-Avocado Restaurants

Get Your Fix: World’s First All-Avocado Restaurants will begin shortly.

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Avocado-lovers, rejoice! Just when pessimistic foodies were telling us the avocado trend was on the decline, we’ve been blessed with the news of two brand new, 100% avocado-centric eateries!

  • The first, and only (for now), avocado bar in America, Avocaderia is now open in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood (just a hop skip away from the uber-popular Smorgasburg food market.) Patrons can chow down on spreads, salads, bowls, smoothies, and -- of course -- toasts, all with avocados as the main ingredient.
  • The second avocado haven can be found in Amsterdam. The Avocado Show serves up our favorite green fruit in each and every one of its dishes, from messy avocado-bun burgers to avocado chocolate smoothies, making this cafe a brunch and lunch destination for every foodie traveling to the Netherlands.

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