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Macao, China: Best Culinary Destination for Foodie Vacations

With dozens of Michelin starred restaurants and street food gems, Macao, China is the best culinary destination for any foodie's next vacation. 

Plus, this destination offers so much more than your typical Chinese food variety. A Portuguese territory for nearly 500 years and until 1999, the region’s rich and blended history means that Macanese cuisine features a unique combination of flavors and ingredients from Portugal, China, Malaysia, Mozambique, and Goa.

Macao is relatively easy to travel to from the United States, thanks to it's Special Administration Region (SAR) status in China. Macao is easily accessible from the U.S. This foodie culinary destination is just 40 miles away from Hong Kong, which translates to an easy one-hour high-speed ferry ride. 

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