Top 7 Destinations to Travel to This Spring

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Spring is in the air, and we're ready for our next travel adventure! This week, we've teamed up with the Lonely Planet US Magazine editorial team, who have named their top picks of the best destinations to travel to this spring. 

  • Holy Week in Zamora, Spain: In Spain's Northwest region, near Portugal, you'll find the city of Zamora, which is home to Romanesque churches, elaborate celebrations, and hooded processions during Holy Week (the week before Easter.) 
  • Easter in Patmos, Greece: This city is home to some of the most spectacular Green Orthodox Easter celebrations in all of Europe, boasting midnight fireworks, candlelit processions, and dancing in the streets! 
  • Puffins in Iceland: Who doesn't love to see cute animals return home after a long winter's migration? We recommend heading to the city island of Grímsey, where the birds outnumber us mere humans 10,000 to one.
  • Swallows in California: Head to San Juan Capistrano in the Golden State during the second weekend of March to spot thousands of birds returning home for Spring at a 200-year-old Spanish mission church. 
  • Purim in Israel: Head to any city across the nation to experience this Jewish festival, including dressed-up revelers, parades, parties and more. 
  • Matsu Pilgrimate in Taiwan: Head to this country in April to experience an annual 8-day, a 190-mile walk through western Taiwan to join locals in honoring the goddess of the sea, Matsu!
  • Waisak Day in Indonesia: Head to Java, Indonesia in May to join the festivities held on Buddha's birthday with a healthy dose of flowers, candles, and parades of saffron-robed monks offering prayers as they celebrate.

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Lonely Planet’s quarterly magazine to learn more about these top springtime travel destinations!


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