Adult Camps - Not Just for Kids, Not Just for Summer

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From roasting marshmallows to playing capture the flag, we all feel nostalgic about our childhood summer camps every now and then. Luckily, today’s adults can easily relive the magic of sleep-away vacations, spare the bedtimes + counselors.

On this week’s We Hear, we’ve rounded up the best summer and seasonal camps designed especially for adults.

  • Take advantage of those long Autumn holiday weekends at Soul Camp California. Past campers call the experience “life-changing,” thanks to the camp’s strength and cardio exercises, meditation classes, paddle boarding, and more. Just a few hours from either San Francisco or Los Angeles, this camp is perfect for anyone who wants to squeeze in a little soul-searching during their adult sleepaway camp experience.

  • Kick those Winter Blues to the curb by enjoying an adventurous getaway with Core Ski Camp. Located in Whistler, Canada, this ski and snowboarding vacation attracts 18-year-old millennials and city-dwelling 40-year-olds alike. Luckily, the camp assigns villas accommodations by age group, so you’ll have housemates you can relate to while exploring Canada’s mountainous backcountry.

  • Miss your college spring breaks, or just want to squeeze in a little sand and surf before the heat of summer sets in? Head to Shaka Beach Retreat in Costa Rica, which boasts daily surf and yoga lessons, 24/7 access to snorkel gear, and a private villa with a private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning, and WiFi. (Adult camps have officially entered the 21st century!)

  • A Travel Savvy staff favorite, Camp No Counselors is the camp for adults that features everything from zip lining, capture the flag, real-life hungry hippo competitions, water slides, and more. Whether you want to hang out at the arts and crafts table weaving friendship bracelets, beat fellow adult campers at dodgeball, or dance the night away around the bonfire, Camp No Counselors offers a fantastically nostalgic experience to every one of their campers!

What are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen, book your tickets, and don’t forget to check out our other travel deals for youthful getaways!

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