Craziest Things You Can Do on a Cruise

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Haven’t been on a cruise lately? Even in the last decade, the cruise industry has become one of the best ways to experience all parts of the globe with the aid of luxury, high-tech, or outright crazy attractions and travel accommodations.

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Now, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite, craziest things you can do on a cruise -- onboard and off.   

  • Carnival Cruise Lines new “SkyRide” attraction allows passengers to cycle one-hundred-fifty feet above sea level at up to eighteen miles per hour on an eight-hundred foot track.

  • On Royal Caribbean’s new Harmony of the Seas ship, high-tech amenities include bionic bartenders that can mix any drink you can imagine.

  • On Harmony’s sister ship, Anthem of the Seas vacationers can try out the first-ever skydiving simulator at sea, defying gravity without having to go through the trouble of actually jumping out of a plane!

  • Adventurous vacationers will love UnCruise Adventures, the boutique cruise line that launches group excursions from their Alaska and Washington ports. Cruisers will explore the world’s most scenic coastlines by way of swimming, snorkeling, burro rides, and inflatable skiffs.

  • Calling all car racing and auto-enthusiasts! MSC Cruises’ Fantasia-class ships are now equipped with on-board Formula-1 race car simulators which utilize some of the top virtual reality technology to date.

  • If you’re looking for a place to spend the winter that’s a bit more interesting than your typical Floridian condo, Oceania’s concierge class allows you to enjoy the ultimate tropical vacation with no need to worry about meals, housekeeping, or even laundry. The gourmet meals in bed and on-board Canyon Ranch Spa Club are just a bonus!

Sound like fun? Now is the time to plan your next cruise vacation!

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