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Family travel means more than just a kids menu these days, and luxury hotels with LEGOs are just the beginning. 

  • Starwood's Le Meridien hotel properties have teamed up with LEGO to make their junior guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive.
  • Family vacations have become a multi-billion dollar industry, and hotel brands like Starwood’s Le Meridien are doing something about it.
  • Le Meridien, the Paris-born hotel brand currently represented by nearly 100 properties in more than 35 countries, just announced a fun new partnership with Danish toymaker LEGO. As part of the the company's family program, properties worldwide will now welcome kids with playsets including the Lego Go-Cart for ages 5 to 12, or for the toddler set, a colorful Lego Duplo kit. More interactive offers will be rolled out as Starwood's Famly Program gets underway throughout the year.

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