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Stress-Free Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

By Travel Savvy

Stylist and blogger Mel Rod is bringing us all sorts of fashion feels. This trendy fashion guru opens her world of fashion and beauty, sharing tips, beauty secrets and #OOTD finds. Check out her recommended tips for a stress-free weekend getaway.

Who doesn’t love a quick weekend getaway? But, sometimes, when you’re faced with the task of packing for just a few days, travel can seem a bit like a chore. Lucky for you, this post will explore what I find to be some of the best pieces to bring so that you don’t spend a lot of time packing or unpacking for your trip.

In the spirit of summer, we’ll be imagining that this mini-vacay will take place somewhere warm and by the sea. Thanks to bold colors, versatile shoes, and a few basics, you’ll have everything you need to grab your bag and go without having to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

Maxi Dress 1

Photo Credit: Mel Rod

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a great versatile packing piece. With the right shoes and accessories, it will seamlessly take you from day to night. When the sun is up, pair one of these with flat, lace-up sandals and hit the shops, head to lunch, or use it as a swimsuit coverup. And when the sun goes down, simply throw on a pair of heels and statement earrings as you head out the door for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Lightweight Jacket 2

Photo Credit: Mel Rod

Lightweight Jacket

Even though it’s summer, early mornings and evenings can still get chilly, so sometimes a lightweight jacket can come in handy. Add a different texture to your getaway wardrobe by choosing a denim piece that you can throw on over all of the tops and dresses you brought along for the trip. You can roll up the sleeves for an even more chill beach vibe.

Swimsuit 3

Photo Credit: Mel Rod


When your beautifully printed one-piece can double as a top, it will make packing for your weekend getaway less hectic. Choose something like the gorgeous swimsuit above and pair it with shorts and those neutral lace-up sandals you packed. If you get chilly, utilize the lightweight denim jacket mentioned earlier.

Stylish Shorts 4

Photo Credit: Mel Rod

Stylish Shorts

White, high-waisted denim shorts are a great packing piece for a weekend jaunt. The neutral color works well with the tops you decide to bring along—not too many, though! And like I said previously, these also look just as great over your one-piece swimsuit, creating a stylish look that won’t require packing a lot of unnecessary tanks and tees.

Strappy Sandals 5

Photo Credit: Mel Rod

Strappy Sandals

Let’s face it: more than two pairs of shoes for a weekend getaway seems a bit much, so let’s exercise some restraint here by choosing the right ones. A pair of trendy, flat, lace-up sandals will work with everything seen on this list—maxi dress, shorts, swimsuit, and more. They’re comfy and perfect for day wear.

Statement Heels 6

Photo Credit: Mel Rod

Statement Heels

Short trips mean your evenings out are limited to maybe one or two at the most, so bringing more than one pair of heels is probably overkill. Choose a single pair that will match everything you brought, like your maxi dress, and opt for something comfortable as well as fashionable, like the trendy block heel.

Aside from undergarments and the rogue accessory, following just a few simple suggestions will make a world of difference when preparing for your trip. And now that you’ve gotten a few pointers on packing easily and efficiently for a weekend getaway, you’ll be able to concentrate more on sipping daiquiris by the bay and less on wrestling with an overstuffed suitcase.


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