Everything Single Travelers Need for a Solo Vacation

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This week, Miss Travel Guru Francesca Page has teamed up with Travel Savvy to present some excellent tips for single travelers to keep in mind on their next solo vacation!

Be Flexible and Open Minded: Your experience is really the main purpose of traveling solo, as long as you are comfortable and safe. Just be sure to pick a destination where you are able to speak enough of the language to get around! For a more spontaneous stay, use an app like HotelTonight to find the best deals on safe, affordable accommodations in your chosen destination.

Plan Ahead: The main concern of any solo traveler should be safety and peace of mind. Read hotel reviews and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to feel comfortable and safe.

(Tip: If you’re going to a city, choose places that are located closer to the centre – you will meet more people and you also won’t have to travel as far to sight-see.)

Pack Light and Smart: On a solo vacation, no one else is going to carry your bags for you! For luggage, we love the brand TravelSmith due to their convenient organized designs, cyber proof pockets, slash proof lining and tamperproof zippers, perfect for protecting your personal data and belongings.

Keep in Touch: Giving your friends and family back home a detailed itinerary of your trip is ideal. However, we understand your solo adventure may entail quite a bit of spontaneity! You’ll want to keep everyone updated without running up your phone bill, so use apps like Whatsapp, Skype or Viber allow you to call and text for free, as long as you are hooked up to a nearby wifi.

Meet Fellow Travelers: Looking to meet people while traveling? We recommend Solotraveller, a social network that will allow you to connect with other fellow travelers to get advice, exchange experiences or even meet up.

Remember: Always be cautious of your surroundings but let loose enough to have fun!

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